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    Notice:   Reminder this is caucus and primary season!

    LOBBY DAY is March 31st sign up on the Local’s website and let your voice be heard!

    As Public Employees we are directly linked and impacted by the political process in our Townships, Cities, Counties and State.

    It has a direct impact on wages, insurance, pensions and funding for our jobs. It also impacts our local and state economies.

    We have been asked specifically by Representative John Lesch (66b) for support and help on February 25th in his St. Paul caucus!

    He is on the Public Safety Committee which our Corrections Bill will be heard.
    Representative Lesch also helped the Teamster members in Public Defense secure a budget that ensured a market adjustment to wages!

    PLEASE CONTACT: Gus Froemke - If you live in Representative Lesch’s area and can help out ! Also, any questions or thoughts about what’s happening during the legislative session and Local 320’s commitment to being involved for workers rights. Gus is our communications guy but he’s also the Legislative Director for Local 320. 

    Help send a loud message in St. Paul on Teamster Local 320 Lobby Day 2020 -March 31st!

    GUS FROEMKE at (612) 378-8732 or gfroemke@teamsterslocal320.org

    Thank you.

    In solidarity,

    Craig Johnson, Business Agent


    February 14, 2020 

    Dear Commissioners:

    We are writing to inform you of the Union’s disappointment in the fact that a voluntary agreement to share in the 7.5% health insurance premium increase was never considered in the County’s plan for 2020.

    The Union has been denied requests to negotiate with the County by the County’s Labor Attorney, yet she has requested proposals from us. The Union has proposed in good faith several options that were more cost effective than the County’s original offer. All of the Union’s proposals were denied without any counter proposals, we have been met with only silence. 

    For these reasons we are being forced to file an Unfair Labor Practice against the County in order to help compel the County to make a decision to either negotiate or arbitrate.

    Once this lawsuit is filed both parties will incur thousands of dollars in expenses, the only party that will benefit is the County’s Labor Attorney via her billable hours.

    The County could not have expected their proposal to be accepted when over 90% of our members take single insurance.  

    If you believe that the County has handled this situation in a fair and equitable manner there is no reason not to agree to arbitrate.



    Craig Johnson                                                          

    Business Agent                                                        


    Vance Rolfzen

    Business Agent




    Dear Commissioners:

    My name is Denise Osterkamp. I live in Le Sueur County and have an interest in how the County Administrator is handling the Employee insurance problems for 2020.

    1) I am proud to have been a public employee in my home county for      15 years.

    2) It is important to me as a taxpayer that the County Employees are all  treated fairly and the same.

    3) Tax monies being used poorly because the County Administrator's ego is in the way of him making good decisions for the employees is unacceptable. He has stated in the past that tax dollars spent in the county does not affect him as he does not live in this county.

    Why is the County passing the whole premium increase onto it's employees?

    Just remember the county being run poorly, reflects on you. Voters have an impact on what is being done in this county.

    One person is resigning due to this issue.

    I implore you to do the right thing and negotiate a fair outcome for your employees.

    Thank-You very much for your time, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    Commissioners Letter

    Open link above to read letter to Commissioners from Craig.


    November 12, 2019

    Dear Members:

    I have sent an official insurance opener to the County from the Bureau of Mediation Services. All three (3) Business Agents have been communicating about direction on this to get it resolved.

    The County has not responded to me at all. I recently requested a day in November to meet and as of now have not heard back. I am hoping some real negotiations can take place on your behalf. Once that takes place I will have something to report at a membership meeting. If the County does not respond to my last request we will have a meeting ASAP to get your input on which direction we should go.

    Please let your Stewards know if you would meet after work and off-sight or before a lunch meeting on-site. This information should be given to them this week. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at cjohnson@teamsterslocal320.org.

    Thank you.

    In solidarity,


    Craig Johnson, Business Agent


    November 08, 2019