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Labor Contract


February 14, 2020 

Dear Commissioners:

We are writing to inform you of the Union’s disappointment in the fact that a voluntary agreement to share in the 7.5% health insurance premium increase was never considered in the County’s plan for 2020.

The Union has been denied requests to negotiate with the County by the County’s Labor Attorney, yet she has requested proposals from us. The Union has proposed in good faith several options that were more cost effective than the County’s original offer. All of the Union’s proposals were denied without any counter proposals, we have been met with only silence. 

For these reasons we are being forced to file an Unfair Labor Practice against the County in order to help compel the County to make a decision to either negotiate or arbitrate.

Once this lawsuit is filed both parties will incur thousands of dollars in expenses, the only party that will benefit is the County’s Labor Attorney via her billable hours.

The County could not have expected their proposal to be accepted when over 90% of our members take single insurance.  

If you believe that the County has handled this situation in a fair and equitable manner there is no reason not to agree to arbitrate.



Craig Johnson                                                          

Business Agent                                                        


Vance Rolfzen

Business Agent