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  • Lobby Day 2020 March 31st
  • Business Agent: Craig Johnson



    Labor Contract 2019-2020


    Notice:   Reminder this is caucus and primary season!

    LOBBY DAY is March 31st sign up on the Local’s website and let your voice be heard!

    As Public Employees we are directly linked and impacted by the political process in our Townships, Cities, Counties and State.

    It has a direct impact on wages, insurance, pensions and funding for our jobs. It also impacts our local and state economies.

    We have been asked specifically by Representative John Lesch (66b) for support and help on February 25th in his St. Paul caucus!

    He is on the Public Safety Committee which our Corrections Bill will be heard.
    Representative Lesch also helped the Teamster members in Public Defense secure a budget that ensured a market adjustment to wages!

    PLEASE CONTACT: Gus Froemke - If you live in Representative Lesch’s area and can help out ! Also, any questions or thoughts about what’s happening during the legislative session and Local 320’s commitment to being involved for workers rights. Gus is our communications guy but he’s also the Legislative Director for Local 320. 

    Help send a loud message in St. Paul on Teamster Local 320 Lobby Day 2020 -March 31st!

    GUS FROEMKE at (612) 378-8732 or gfroemke@teamsterslocal320.org

    Thank you.


    In solidarity,



    Craig Johnson, Business Agent



    Dear Member:

    The following will be your Union Stewards:



    I want to personally thank Mike Warsko for his service and dedication as Union Steward; he always had the members best

    interest! Please join me in thanking him.

    We will continue to have members on the Negotiation Committee and after each contract is ratified I recommend Steward elections.

    Please remember to check out your Union web page at: www.teamsterslocal320.org. And follow the local on Facebook at: facebook.com/teamsters.local.320/ and Twitter at: twitter.com/IBT_320.

    In solidarity,

    Craig Johnson, Business Agent